The New Neutrals

Neutral shades and natural finishes are key to interiors this season and work well with period furniture. There’s noting quite like a newly upholstered pair of carved elbow chairs or French walnut bedsides on either side of a four-poster bed. Reminiscent of 16th-century Europe, this style exudes elegance and history. 

Real antiques can of course be dear, and if you want to make some quick and fun transformations to a room, it’s worth hunting for something that looks similar but doesn’t cost the earth. 


If you’re looking to spice up a bedroom or living room, an easy addition is a weathered wooden footstool, an antique-inspired oak armoire, a set of lamps or new white painted bedside tables.  With this in mind, London Property Magazine has selected a few stunning items on offer at, the luxury interiors website with an array of inspiring pieces to choose from.

Editor of ACHICA Living, Emily Peck, comments on neutral shades for furniture: “When you’re decorating, going back to basics with cool and airy neutral finishes and natural materials in their simplest form helps to create a serene backdrop to a home. Choose simple yet stylish storage pieces, beautifully uncomplicated wooden furniture in natural and painted white finishes as well as accessories in cool, ecru and earthy cream shades. These items will help reflect the light around your room creating a sense of space. This look also creates a base to the room scheme, which is easily adaptable season after season – when you tire of the look, simply introduce a pop of colour, such as on-trend neon yellow or zesty orange in soft furnishings to update the look in an instant.”

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